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Model Activity Task Class 7 [2023]

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Model Activity Task Class 7

ACTIVITY 1: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

The King of kings, Emperor Akbar, who ruled over India was a great lover of Arts, Science, literature and music. One day, on a fine morning, he was walking in his vast garden. His garden was lined with trees that produced the tastiest and juciest fruits in the whole kingdom. There were flowers of all shapes and sizes in his garden. He had his most trusted and favourite minister Birbal with him. But the great emperor Akbar did not have peace of mind, the quality without which no one, not even the king of kings, can appreciate beauty.

A: Tick the Correct Answer

(i) Akbar was waliking in his garden

a) in the morning

b) at night

c) in the evening

Ans: (a) in the morning

ii) Birbal was Akbar’s

a) enemy

b) brother

c) minister

Ans: c) minister

B: Answer the following questions:

i) Who was Akbar?

Ans: Akbar was one of the greatest Mughal emperors who ruled over India.

ii) How was the garden of Akbar?

Ans: His garden was vast with all kinds of trees that produced the tastiest and juciest fruits in the whole kingdom. Beautiful flowers of all shapes & sizes adorned his garden.

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iii) What quality is required to appreciate beauty?

Ans: Without peace of mind no one can appreciate beauty.

C: Fill in the Blanks

i) Last evening my mother and i were watching (watch) the news on the TV.

ii) The garden of Akbar was more beautiful (beautiful) than most other gardens.

iii) He took an umbrella but i forgot to take mine.

iv) Mount Everest is the highest (high) mountain in the world.

v) I am not so strong as you. ( Rerwrite the sentence using antonym of the underlined word).

Ans: I am not weak as you.

ACTIVITY 2: Write a story ( in about 70 words) using the following outline.Give a suitable title to your story.

OUTLINE: ass carrying a load of salt—falls into a stream by chance–load becomes light—nest time master puts a load of cotton—falls into streams purposefully—result

The Donkey & The Load

“Move,Move, you lazy donkey! We are running late.” The master told his donkey who was carrying a load of salt. The master was annoyed as the donkey was very slow. He was in hurry as he needed to sell his salt in the weekly market which was still a mile away. On the way came across a shallow stream and the donkey suddenly slipped and fell in the water. The master helped him to get up. They moved on and the master noticed that donkey was moving faster than before as the load became lighter. The donkey did not understand that the load became light as the salt dissolved in the water but he felt happy. After a few days when they were again crossing the stream to go to the market donkey remembered what happened last time and intentionally fell into the water to make his load lighter. This time the master understood the donkey’s plan. He decided to teach him a lesson. When the time came for weekly market again the master put the load of cotton instead of salt on the back of the donkey. The stream came and as expected the donkey fell in the water, got up and found to his utter surprise that his load had become heavier. The cotton absorbed the water and didn’t dissolve like salt so the load became heavy. The wicked donkey learnt the lesson and didn’t fall in the water thereafter.

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ACTIVITY 3: Rewrite the following sentences using either Present Continuous Tense or Past Continuous Tense of the Verbs given in brckets:

(i) I am writing a letter now. (write)

(ii) It was raining heavily yesterday. (rain)

(iii) We were going to the fair when my father called me. (go)

ACTIVITY 4: Underline the Particle Adjectives in the following sentence:

(i) The policeman caught the running thief.

(ii) The injured man was taken to the hospital.

(iii) The tired child soon fell asleep

(iv) People mistook the shining stone as diamond

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