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What Is Facebook(FB)?

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Facebook is that the latest in a very long line of what we now know as “social networking” websites. But what sets it except for the competitors, is its popularity. Finally check, Facebook vaunt over 2.23 billion active users. 

What Is Facebook

Established in 2004, from the college dormitory room of Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student, the web site is now worth billions of dollars and is one in all the world’s most recognizable brands. It’s even had the action towards Hollywood with The Social Network, a film rambling the site’s conception announced to wide acclaim in 2011. But, if you’re roughly on top of technology or are new to the internet, as a parent, or a lecturer, you most likely have a some questions.

What is ‘Facebook’?

Facebook is a website which permit users, who sign-up at no cost profiles, to attach with friends, work colleagues or people they do not know online. It authorize users to share pictures, videos, music & articles, yet as their own thoughts and opinions with however many folk they like.

Users send “friend requests” to people that they’ll – or might not – know.

Facebook has over “1 billion users”.

Once accepted, the 2 profiles are connected with both users ready to see whatever the other person posts. “Facebookers” can post almost everything to their ‘timeline’, a snapshot of what’s happening in their social circle at any given time, and may also enter private chat with other friends who are online.

People with profiles list give info. about themselves. Whether it’s what they work, where they’re studying, ages, or other personal data, many users post lots of info. which is definitely accessible to their friends and other users. On top of this, users can ‘like’ other people pages which interest them. For instance a Liverpool FC supporter can follow the club by linking up with its Facebook page. There, the user can post comments and collect club updates, pictures etc.

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Why is ‘Facebook’ so Popular?

For youngsters, who have grown up with technology, Facebook was once the foremost popular website there’s. However, many teenage are migrating to other social networking sites like Instagram (which is also owned by Facebook) & Snapchat.

Those who still use it, use it for social platform. Youngsters are natural born multi-taskers, so using Facebook like with any social platforms website, is sort of wont to several teens. Social networking websites allow tykes to experiment with who they’re. They’re popular because teenage can find their own, uninhibited voice online which they will share with friends. Some teens feel they will express themselves on a easier way on a online platforms when compared to the real world because perhaps they feel the virtual world is more safer.

What Is Facebook

Teens love Facebook because they’ll personalize their profile. In much the identical way that other ages may have plastered their bedroom walls with posters of their first choice bands or soccer teams, youngsters now participates in personalizing their own space online with pictures, videos, music & comments. The positioning has made communicating much easier too. Instead of picking up the telephone to ring your friend’s house, teenagers can instantly and directly communicate with their friends on Facebook. Even email, another relatively latest technology, is of secondary importance to teenagers who use Facebook to try to the majority of their communicating.

Key ‘Facebook’ features

Facebook started off as a community where users shared info. about themselves & different topics. Over time, different features enlarged the scope of its capabilities:

  • Timeline. User profiles and updates are shown on what it called the Timeline. Timeline is that the successor to the Facebook wall, which was the initial home for user profiles and updates. The user timeline adds status updates, post, friend listings, videos, photos & user activity information.
  • Friends. A primary feature of Facebook is that the ability to go looking for and connect with friends and family. The search interface helps users easily find acquaintances & also suggests potential connections.
  • News Feed. News Feed enables users to look at news from the connections & groups that they follow. Users can sort of a given post or comment on it.
  • Pages. Pages are the profile & content pages for businesses on Facebook. Pages provide the power for businesses to share info. and communicate with customers.
  • Games. Facebook provides an integrated capability enabling users to play games on their own or along with friends. Among the first successes of games on Facebook was Zynga’s Farm Ville.
  • Groups. Communities of interest can arrange themselves with the Facebook group feature. This permits the sharing of knowledge, images & active discussions.
  • Events. This feature enables users and groups to prepare events that their followers can attend. It enables users to channel invites and help manage an attendee list.
  • Marketplace. This is a web sales event, where users can purchase and sell goods & services with other Facebook members.
  • Messenger. This is a second messenger that allows friends to communicate in real time via webchat or a mobile app.
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Facebook: With the “Opportunities Comes Risk”

However, despite its popularity, there also are many risks for Facebook’s youngsters users. UPDATE- ‘Under the latest E.U General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Ireland has now set the Digital Age of Consent to 16 years old.’ This suggests tykes under the age of 16 in Ireland aren’t allowed to access this platform.

Here, Webwise outlines a number of the main most issues which folks have concerns about:

  • Privacy: Teens can sometimes forget that what’s posted on Facebook is basically a variety of publishing and, unless profiles are set to non-public, anyone can view the data. Often, teens post an excessive amount of personal information online like photos or phone numbers
  • Predators: While rare, there are instances where predators & other unscrupulous individuals have targeted teenagers on Facebook. Thanks to its nature, the site can be easily accessed and is filled with personal information
  • Cyberbullying: Facebook provides bullies with a brand new and fertile battlefield where they will inflict maximum damage on their target through again and again use of nasty messages and other means. There are various stories of hijacked profiles or serious instances of cyberbullying which have cause suffering for victims
  • Meeting Contacts: Many parents fear that children will meet face-to-face with people they first met online. With this there are obvious danger. Some teens will take online contacts at face value, but unfortunately nobody is genuine
  • Content: Sometimes, there can be content on Facebook which is inappropriate for teenagers and can upset them. Thanks to Facebook’s popularity, there are a lot’s of older users and sometime children is exposed to things parents would like they weren’t.
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Staying Safe on ‘Facebook

Facebook gives individuals control over what they share, who they share it with, the content they see and knowledge, and who can communicate them. For more information move to the Facebook Safety Centre-(

What is ‘Facebook jail’?

Facebook jail is when users for short term lose commenting & posting capability on Facebook. Sometimes, Facebook jail may be more like Facebook prison within the sense that it can talk over a user’s account is banned permanently or suspended indefinitely.

What is ‘Facebook Lite’?

Facebook Lite is a latest version of the Android Facebook app. It uses less data than the traditional app and is primarily designed for older 3G & 2G networks. This version of the app is better for users with older phones & service packages.

What is a ‘Restricted friend’ on Facebook?

Facebook permits users to place friends on a restricted list. Once you restricted an admirer on Facebook, this implies that you simply will share your posts with these friends providing you decide on Public as your post’s audience. You can also share picture, videos with constricted friends if you tag them in the post.

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