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Who is the Real Hero of India?

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India has a lot of heroes and it’s not always easy to know the correct answer to who the real hero of India is. This blog will give you some insight on the question “who is the real hero of India?

Dear friends do you know Sonu Sood, who is the real Hero of India. You may not know, tell others, seeing the dirt lying on the way, you will find many who shout at it, but there are very few people who are able to muster the courage to pick up this dirt and throw it in the dustbin and today We are going to share with you the things of one such person, who, like this, you will mostly be seen doing villain work on the film screen, but what is a hero in real sense, he has shown everyone, yes you understand it right, we are talking about Sonu Sood.

Why is Sonu Sood famous?

Today the whole country know about this, then do not worry at all because I am going to tell you, friends lockdown has started 2 months before but still many people live far away from their homes. They had not come home because we know very well that in search of their work, they go to states like Delhi and Maharashtra, they suffered the most because their entire work had come to a standstill and the owners had folded their hands in front of them, apart from traveling on foot. There was no choice, now we will not make the budget of our government, but the truth is that those who should be given it are not the thing, thousands of people are forced to starve and hundreds of people have died of hunger, don’t know how many people are hungry.

In such a situation, such a person came forward who believes in doing, not saying, yes, even though he entertained us by playing the role of villain in many films and in many films we also get angry with him.

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Basics about Sonu Sood:

Sonu sood age (in 2022)48 years
Sonu sood net worthRs. 130 Crore
Sonu Sood real nameSonu Sood
Sonu Sood sonIshant Sood, Ayaan Sood
Sonu Sood wifeSonali Sood
Sonu Sood parentsShakti Sagar Sood (Father)
Saroj Sood (Mother)
Sonu Sood ProfessionActor, Model, Film Producer, Humanitarian

After this he is not less than a hero and we are not ashamed of his any film, but those who had the pressure of their image that if they do not help anyone in this difficult time, their name will be spoiled and neither will they be much. It is a big duty that he removes all those people around him who need help, keep coming to the bank account of such a big businessman, the working artists have shown that if you can go to any extent and he has done administration of people by talking to them, he made reach more than 12000 people to their homes.

He did not only bring them to the bus, but also fed them food before boarding the buses and also gave food for the way that he asked a driver to leave every person at the door of his house so that no one would suffer and The work Sonu Sood has done without taking money from anyone clearly shows that there are many people who are safe from their side by giving money to the government, who have donated money but would never want to come forward and ask for a helping hand. It is enough to give because if the government had been working properly, then all the people who have now got blisters on their feet by walking, they would at least reach their homes today and earn two rotis, but sitting with their families are breathing peacefully.

How is Sonu Sood so rich?

Talking about Sonu net-worth in 2022, its estimated around 17 million US dollars in indian rupees its approximately 130 crores. His major source of income is brand endorsements and he have a very good connection with many big businessman. Therefore he is easily able to arrange lots of things for many people who are in needs and he also charges around 2 crore per movie. He also invest in shares of others big major companies.

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What is the religion of Sonu?

SONU SOOD was born on July 30, 1973 in Moga, Punjab, India, who belongs to a middle class family, so according to 2022, his age is 48 years, friends he did his school education while staying in his village, after that to complete their schooling. After Sonu ji went to Nagpur Maharashtra where he did electronics engineering education and started concentrating in acting as well. Friends Sonu Sood’s family generally belongs to Hinduism in which his father Shakti sagar sood and mother Saroj Sood was married. They also have two children and right now they are studying, people have a lot of confusion about the religion of Sonu Sood, friends, let us tell you friends, if we talk about their religion, Sood Surname is mostly Jammu. -Kashmir is spoken in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, which is a Rajput caste, so Sonu Sood must also belong to the Rajput caste because his birthplace is Punjab and he is known as Rajput in this area.


  • When Sonu used to lose his courage, his mother used to send a letter and Sonu could not understand why she does this, he was asking his mother that the talk done on the phone goes only through talk and she said this letter is for you and will be with you for your whole life.
  • The song Muni Badnaam Hui in the film Dabangg was to be picturized on Sonu Sood and Malaika Arora and there were no scenes of Salman in it but later salman was casted in the song.
  • Sonu was given the Nandi award for best Villain in the Telugu horror film Arundhati of 2009.
  • The first Hindi film of Sonu’s career was Shaheed-e-Azam released in 2001 where he played the role of Bhagat Singh.
  • Sonu Sood and Shahrukh Khan were meeting each other for the first time during the shooting of Happy New Year Shahrukh was impressed after seeing Sonu’s fitness and Shahrukh himself confessed that he had not seen anyone till today who was concerned about fitness so sincerely.
  • Talking about Sonu’s dream role, till now he has not been offered any such role, Rocky and Rambo are his favorites and he wants to do a similar role in Bollywood too. We think Sonu can easily play the character. Because already their characters are quite option oriented and it will be very interesting to see them in such a day.
  • He always believe in helping others and the biggest example of this was the work of lockdown where he started feeding the needy people, during the same time Sonu saw many laborers walking on the road and when he came to know that they are walking 500 to 600 kilometers on foot while traveling the distance, Sonu made up his mind that he would help them to reach home by himself, he sent thousands peoples and till the day of writing this article, he has helped thousands more peoples to get work after lockdown.
  • Sonu has also acted in Dubai Best English film named City of Life which was released in 2009.
  • Sonu Sood lent his voice for the role of Hercules when the 2014 Hollywood film The Legend of Hercules was being dubbed in Hindi.
  • The role of Chedi Singh was also offered to sonu in Dabangg 2 but he was not the main villain. Sonu felt that the character of Chedi Singh was liked by the people despite being a baron, so his film being such a small role did not suit at all. That’s why he rejected Dabangg 2.
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Sonu Sood Social Media Handles:


Final Thoughts

In India, the term “Hero” is a loaded word. That’s because in India, it is not uncommon for any person to be presented to the public as a hero if they save one life. The term has a specific meaning in India: it’s the person who saves a life, but that is not always the person who put themselves at risk for another person just like Sonu Sood.

Thank you for reading our article on who is the real hero of India. We have curated one of the most well-known Indian heroe, Sonu Sood in this blog post. We hope that you were able to learn more about this topic and perhaps gain some new perspectives.

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