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Silk Road Summary [CBSE Class 11] By Nick Middleton

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Silk Road Summary
NameSilk Road
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorNick Middleton

Short Summary – Silk Road

The story’s author, Nick Middleton, recalls his trip to Mount Kailash along the Silk Road. The author wants to go to Mt. Kailash to finish his Journey. As a result, he pays Tsetan’s salary to get someone to take him to the mountain. He was given a long-sleeved sheepskin coat along with Lhamo. The author travels to Darchen with Daniel in order to have company.

Tsetan takes a shortcut to the south-west when they set out on their adventure. He claims that it leads directly to Mount Kailash. They would have to travel through the high mountain passes to get there. Tsetan assures them that it would be simple to do so because there isn’t much snow, though. They pass a few gazelles, a group of wild asses, and shepherds tending to their sheep as they travel.

They arrive up the hill and see some pitch-black tents. They discover they were the houses of nomads and saw a Tibetan mastiff watching over the tents. The canines with big teeth went after their automobile as soon as they got close to the tents. They see mountains and rivers coated in snow and ice as they approach the valley.

The trip up the hill begins to twist sharply and get more bumpy. The author observed they were at 5210 metres above sea level as they climbed higher and felt the pressure. They were moving after overcoming the first obstacle of snow-covered roadways. Because of the height and pressure, the author begins to feel nervous. They make a lunch break somewhere after two in the afternoon. They finally arrive in the late afternoon to the small town of “Hor.” In Hor, the author stopped for a break and sat at a nearby cafĂ© having a cup of tea.

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Tsetan fixed the automobile during this period, and Daniel headed for Lhasa. Hor wasn’t a favourite of the author’s. They spend the night in a guest lodge in Darchen after continuing their trek. He has nasal congestion as a result of the cold weather and elevation change. He visits a Tibetan physician and is given a five-day supply of drugs.

He then feels better and enjoys his time in Darchen, where he meets Norbu, another traveller. The author is relieved to learn that Darchen has no pilgrims and chooses to finish his journey beside him. They finally hire yaks to carry their bags, and Norbu gives up while laughing and slumping across the table. Norbu claims that because of his large stomach, he wouldn’t be able to do it.

About the Author

Nick Middleton, the story’s author, describes his trip to Mount Kailash along the Silk Road. The author wants to go to Mt. Kailash to finish his Kora.

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