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Bangle Sellers Summary [ICSE Class 10] By Sarojini Naidu

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Bangle Sellers Summary
NameBangle Sellers
BoardICSE Board
AuthorSarojini Naidu

Short Summary – Bangle Sellers Summary

The narrator of the Bangle Sellers Summary tells how the bangle vendors are shouting while they are attempting to sell their bangles at the temple fair in the opening stanza. Bangles are described by the speaker as “lustrous emblems of dazzling lives.” The speaker believes that these bracelets can make their daughters’ and wives’ lives happier. The bangle vendors claim in the second verse that they have numerous sorts of bangles for different kinds of women with diverse varieties of needs.

The narrator claims that there are silver and blue bangles for young girls. He likens the blue and silver tones to the mountain mist, which stands for the youthful freshness of girls. Some bracelets include tones of crimson and pink, and people ascribe them to delicate flower buds. The “buds that dream” stand for young women’s dreams of marriage, and the green bangles for their youthful energy. This stanza describes a woman’s formative years.

She talks about the golden bracelets that resemble a field of corn illuminated by the sun in the third stanza. The bride’s appearance on the wedding day is described as looking like a “field of golden corn.” On her wedding day, she has to appear more joyful. Additionally, the bangle vendors have certain red and orange bangles that symbolise the bride’s desires and wishes. Here, the bridal laugh represents the joy of beginning a new life, while the bridal cry represents the sorrow of being parted from her parents. This explains the change in life from being a young girl to becoming a wife.

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The speaker depicts a woman’s life after marriage in the final stanza. Some purple bangles with gold and grey flecks are being sold by the bangle vendors. This colour represents a woman who has successfully passed life’s ups and downs while raising her children and supporting her husband through both happy and unhappy times. While the colour grey symbolises a middle-aged woman’s maturity, the colour purple stands for pride and honour. Moreover, the bangle vendor claims that these bangles are ideal for women who proudly uphold their families and practise their religion.

About The Author

A poem by Sarojini Naidu served as the inspiration for the story’s title. It describes Indian women’s daily lives as well as their cultures and traditions. The bangle salespeople in the tale encourage passersby to examine their goods and purchase them for their daughters and wives. 

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