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Coromandel Fishers Summary (Class 8) By Sarojini Naidu

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Coromandel Fishers Summary By Sarojini Naidu
NameCoromandel Fishers
AuthorSarojini Naidu


The poem “Coromandel Fishers” is about fishermen, but it also serves as a reference for the poet’s desire for a free India and her encouragement to the people of the country to move quickly in their struggle. The poem is divided into three sections, each of which has four lines. The poem has the rhyme pattern AABB.

English Summary – “Coromandel Fishers”

The poetess describes a fisherman’s life in her poem. The fishermen’s leader is encouraging his members to report to work as soon as daylight arrives.

Fishermen from the Coromandel Coast in South India are referred to as Coromandel fishermen. Brothers, stand up! This is the call that fishermen give to their guys to get ready to set sail. The sky in the morning is compared to someone who has just woken up from sleep. The captain informs the other fisherman that sunrise has already occurred. When there is no wind, it is like a child sleeping in the morning embrace. Therefore, now is the ideal time to begin their quest. They need to gather their nets and release the boats. They have the right to take the wealth that leaps when they mean fish because they are sons of the sea.

The fishermen referred to themselves as the rulers of the ocean. The narrator ran to his companions since they had to respond to Sea Gull’s call. A seagull is an example of a creature that can locate fish. The fishermen’s mother, brother, and friends are as close to them as the sea, the clouds, and the waves. Ocean control is exercised by the sea god. He’ll guard them.

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Even fishermen cherish the land. the sounds of nature, the lovely scent of a mango orchard, and the shade of a coconut grove. However, the sea’s waves and foam hold their attention more. It’s time to return to the ground because the sun is sinking. So, brothers, head to the seashore in the boat.


The Coromandel Coast of India’s folk culture as well as its natural beauty are highlighted by Sarojini Naidu in her poem “The Coromandel Fishers.” It shows how fishermen interact with the natural world. Nature serves as a representation of beauty that conveys a positive outlook on life.

Conclusion – “Coromandel Fishers”

In the current poem, the poetess portrays the difficult and dangerous life of the fisherman. They prepare to work in the sea to catch fish around sunrise as part of their daily ritual. They are unafraid of the powerful ocean waves and oncoming storms.

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