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“A Gift Of Chappals” Summary (CBSE Class 7) By Vasantha Surya

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NameA Gift Of Chappals
AuthorVasantha Surya
A Gift Of Chappals Summary


The plot centres on how innocent and mischievous toddlers can be. They want to investigate every angle but follow their own reasoning. Without thinking twice, they presented chappals to the beggar and then the music instructor. Their tender hearts easily melt.

English Summary – “A Gift Of Chappals”

Cousin Love

Mridu was being tugged into the house by Ravi and Meena while she was visiting her cousins. She removed her slippers in the vicinity of a black pair. They led her outside, where a kitten was using a half-coconut shell to sip milk.

As their grandma was against it, Meena & Ravi had concealed the cat there. The fact that her elders merely preached animal love while actually detesting them irritated Ravi. The children gave the cat the name Mahendran. The name was derived from the dynasty of the ancient Pallava kings. It wasn’t merely a name made up. This cat, he said Mridu, was a parent of the Mahabalipuram Rishi-Cat.

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The Cat

The cat became concerned as they continued to speak and immediately jumped into the dried chiles that were there. The children informed Mridu that Lalli was taking violin lessons after hearing a sound coming from the home.

Lilly and Her Efforts

Lalli was practising the violin as they sneaked up via the window. She gave playing her all. The music master, who was wearing a diamond ring and a golden chain, was seated in front of her. Lalli was desperately attempting to imitate her master but failing horribly. Lalli was failing as everyone else was staring at her. A beggar was relocated to another house after Ravi told him it was time to leave and then sent him away.

The Needy Beggar

The beggar trusted those house’s ladies, therefore he could not doubt Ravi’s statements. The beggar wished he could have stayed a bit longer when Rukku Mani advised him to leave since the sun was scorching and also had melted the bitumen on the road. The bottom of the beggar’s feet were covered in a blister. Meena desired to present him with a gift.

Kind Ravi

Mridu & Meena were pushed inside the house by Ravi after he had an idea. He chose the chappals that Mridu had spotted while entering the house lying at the front door.

In addition to blessing the children, Ravi quickly left after giving the beggar those chappals. A music teacher arrived and started looking for his chappals. He inquired as to where Lalli had seen his chappals.

Angry Rukku Mani

When Rukku Mani arrived, she inquired with the children about any visitors to the verandah. She learned that the youngsters had given the beggar the chappals. She erupted in rage. The music-master received Gopu Mama’s new chappal from Rukku Mani. Due to her displeasure with the situation, Rukku Mani called Mridu to join her for tiffin.

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About The Author

Vasantha Surya from Mridu in Madras wrote the narrative about a gift of chappals. A gang of kids and their antics are central to the narrative.

Conclusion – “A Gift Of Chappals”

The innocence and kindness of children are topics covered in the chapter “A Gift of Chappals.” When they notice that a beggar’s feet are covered in pink blisters, they act compassionately and give the beggar their uncle’s chappals.

FAQs for “A Gift Of Chappals”

What is the theme of “A Gift of Chappals”?

The theme of the story is the power of kindness and generosity, as the boy receives a gift from a stranger that ultimately helps him and the village. It also deals with the themes of gratitude and the power of selflessness.

What is the plot of “A Gift of Chappals”?

The story is about a poor boy who receives a gift of chappals (sandals) from a kind-hearted stranger. The boy is overjoyed and wears the chappals everywhere he goes, but soon discovers that they have the power to make him invisible. He uses this power to help others and eventually saves the village from a dangerous criminal.

Who are the main characters in “A Gift of Chappals”?

The main character in the story is a poor boy who receives the gift of chappals and uses them to help others. The kind-hearted stranger who gives the boy the chappals is also a main character.

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