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What Purpose Is Distomat Used?

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What Purpose Is Distomat Used

What Purpose Is Distomat Used is a topic of the search and interest for many people. The Distomat is a compact, small electronic distance measurement device used in engineering and construction works. It measures distances smaller than 500 meters by aiming the instrument to a reflector and reading the result. Distomat can be used for various purposes and this has made users interested to know What Purpose Is Distomat Used. Stay in this blog to know What Purpose Is Distomat Used, what are its uses, what is working principle, advantages, how does it work and what are the popular models of distomat?

What Purpose Is Distomat Used For?

Distomat DI 1000 is very useful in building construction works and other Civil Engineering works, where measuring distance are less than 500 m. It is an electronic distance meter used to measure the distance by aiming the instrument to the reflector, touching a key and studying the result. It is made to fit on the telescope of an electronic theodolite. It falls in the category of electronic distance meter (EDM) and is utilized for the easy measurement of distances. Users are interested to know What Purpose Is Distomat Used for. So here are the some more details on What Purpose Is Distomat Used for.

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What are the Distomat measures? 

  • Distances by simply aiming the instrument to a reflector and reading the result
  • For calculating the distance between two points two distomats are used one at each
  • station one is known as master distomat which sets the signal. 
  • And the other is known as remote distomat which monitor, receives and reflects back the signal.

What is the Distomat Working principle?

  • Distomat forward an infrared beam which is reflected back to the unit by the reflector.
  • Distomat records the time taken by the ray is deliberated automatically and displayed.

What are the Advantages of Distomat?

  • In this type of equipment it searches the remote station with in 2-3 second and because of the tilting axis it can be pointed like a theodolite telescope.
  • It can measure interval from 20 m to 150 km.

What are the Popular models of distomat?

  • Distomat D -1000 
  • Distomat D -IOR(3002) 
  • Distomat D -5s 
  • Tachymet TC -2000
  • Distomat D -3000 

How Distomat Instrument Works?

In Distomat, the equipment should be turned towards the reflector distomat to monitor, receive and reflect the wave signal. The equipment will display the distance on the screen with a single touch after reading five modulation frequencies of the infrared wave signal. The total station is the combo of electronic theodolite and electronic distant measurement instrument that shows the elevation, angles and distance. In this equipment, an precision of – or + 10mm per km can also be obtained. The equipment is set up at one point, and the reflector is set up at the another point as a target.

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What is Infra-Red Wave Instrument?

The surveying instrument works with the help of modulated infra-red waves. The infrared equipment is used in civil engineering surveying as they are inexpensive and more precise. These types of equipment are used to measure up to a maximum interval of 3–5km. The distomat also comes under the Infrared wave instruments.

Define Electronic Surveying Instruments?

Electronic surveying equipment measures orientation, features and positioning of large-scale objects in mapping, engineering, defense, construction and other industries. The land surveying instruments assists with mapping, while the construction surveying equipment are used to mark the position and layout of new formation. Electronic surveying equipment are time-saving modern instruments that have replaced many conventional instruments such as tapes, chains, compasses and dumpy levels.

Which are the instrument used in surveying?

The most common surveying instrument is called a theodolite. Theodolite work is to measure the vertical and horizontal angles between points. Surveyors merge the angle data with distances from a tape or chain measure, and it let them to triangulate the location of any point using trigonometry.

What are the advantages of doing a survey?

Survey research is a special way of gathering information from a large cohort. Advantages of surveying include having a huge population and therefore a greater statistical power, the ability to gather large amounts of details and having the availability of validated models.


For what purpose is Distomat used measure volumes?

The device is used by engineers and construction workers to map out distances and to measure the distance of a certain area. The Distomat can be used to measure distances up to 500 meters or 1640 feet.


Distomat is a great tool for measuring distances. The Distomat measures more than just distance. It can measure any type of linear distance. It has a set of fixed measuring points that automatically calibrate with your fixed zero. The LED light displays the distance from the Distomat to your zero point. You need to calibrate your Distomat before you can use it. The Distomat uses an internal low battery warning to let you know when it needs a charge.

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