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Computer Question Answers [Class 6]

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It’s no secret that computers have become a crucial part of day-to-day life. But you can be sure that computers have lots of questions on their minds to which you may be able to provide the answer. Below down are some important Computer Questions with Answers for class 6 students.

Class 6 Computer Questions with Answers

Q1. What is Computer?

Ans. A computer is a device that can take in data, process it and deliver it to a human being or machine. Computers are also known as machines that process and deliver data in digital form. Computers are used in nearly every industry to process data. They are also used in many people’s homes to watch YouTube and play games. Computers are used to calculate, store and run programs. Computers are also known as computers.

Q2. What are the characteristics of a Computer?

Ans. The characteristics of a computer include that it is capable of storing, retrieving, and processing information. It is composed of a central processing unit (CPU), memory, input and output devices and sometimes a display.

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Q3. What are the uses of computer?

Ans. Computers are very useful and they are found in almost every household. They are used for many things that include entertainment, education, and much more. They can also be used to help with communication, such as sending emails and messages, as well as make phone calls.

Q4. Who is the father of Computer?

Ans. The computer was invented by Charles Babbage in 1822. He was the father of computer.

Q5. What is Hardware?

Ans. Hardware is a term that refers to the physical devices and components that make up a computer’s or other similar device’s physical form (things that can be touched).

Q6. What is Software?

Ans. Software is a computer program that is designed to do a specific task and is run on a computer. Software is designed to be run on a computer. It is a set of instructions that are coded and stored in a computer program that is executed by a computer. Software can run on any device with a processor and memory.

Q7. What is CPU?

Ans. The CPU is the central processing unit which is the heart of the computer system. It’s the part of the computer that carries out all the instructions that the computer follows. The CPU contains the circuits and the registers that are used to move data and carry out these instructions. It’s the part of the computer that does all the calculations and manipulations for the computer.

Q8. What is ALU?

Ans. An Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is a fundamental unit in a computer, composed of one or more arithmetic and logic units. The ALU is the section of a central processing unit that performs arithmetic and logical operations on the data, usually in the form of an instruction cycle.

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Q9. What is Monitor?

Ans. Monitor device is a type of an output device that uses a screen to display a computer’s contents. This is not the same as a TV.

Q10. What is M.S. Office?

Ans. MS Office is a collection of Microsoft programs. All of the programs come in a variety of versions. These programs are typically used for word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and desktop publishing.

Q11. What are input devices?

Ans. Input devices are devices that are used to input data into a computer. They may be used for a variety of tasks, such as typing, drawing, sculpting, playing musical instruments, or controlling a device such as a robot. The most important Input devices typically used are the key board or mouse.

Q12. What are Output Devices?

Ans. Output devices are the devices that are used for output, which is the final product that a device is designed to produce. Examples of output devices include, a printer, a cassette player, a radio, a TV, a laptop, a camera, and many more.

Q13. What is RAM?

Ans. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is a temporary storage space for information. It is used by the computer’s central processing unit (CPU) to hold the most recently used data so that it can quickly access it. here are different types of RAM, including DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4.

Q14. What is ROM?

Ans. ROM stands for Read-Only Memory. It is a type of memory that is used in computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. It is a type of memory chip that is read-only. That means that you can only read from the ROM, but you can’t write to it.

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Q15. What are the advantages of Computer?

Ans. Computers are important for a lot of tasks.

  • Computer allow us to take care of all of our daily activities and complete tasks with ease.
  • Computers are able to process large amounts of information quickly, and they also have a lot of power.
  • Computers are very helpful for tasks that require a lot of organization and structure.

Q16. What are the limitations of a Computer?

Ans. The limitations of a computer can be understood by looking at the computer’s hardware and software. For example, one of the limitations of a computer is that it is just a machine that can do a task in a certain way but cannot think for itself. Another limitation of a computer is that a computer can only do one thing at a time. The limitations of a computer are not always obvious, but they are always there.

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