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A Triumph Of Surgery Summary (CBSE Class 10) By James Alfred Wight

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NameA Triumph of Surgery
BoardCBSE Board
Author James Herriot


A wealthy and caring woman named Mr. Pumphrey had a charming puppy named Tricky. She loved him so much that she always fed him too much. As a result, Tricki put on a lot of weight and became sluggish. When she saw the fat, Dr. Herriot was shocked.

Class 10 CBSE English – “A Triumph of Surgery Summary”

In the chapter A Triumph of Surgery, we learn about Tricki, a little dog who was frequently given tempting and harmful food by his wealthy mistress Mrs. Pumphrey. From a place of love, she would overfill her pet. Tricki gradually put on a ton of weight and started to slack off. Due to his bloated physique, he rarely exercised or went for walks. Over time, he grew bulky, and Mrs. Pumphrey became concerned about his immobility. For the treatment of her lethargic dog, she promptly sought the assistance of Mr. James Herriot, a veterinarian.

Tricki was taken to the hospital by Mr. Herriot after being taken aback by his condition. He was aware that Mrs. Pumphrey’s gluttony would prevent her pet dog from ever leading a healthy lifestyle. He placed the dog on a hospital bed and went with him. For the first two days, the dog did not move and did not consume any food. On the third day, Tricki left the hospital and played outside with the larger dogs. He consumed the food that was provided for him and also licked the leftovers from the bowels of the other dogs.

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In addition to giving Tricki a balanced diet and lots of exercise, Mr. Herriot. Tricki’s condition gradually began to get better, and he began to compete with other dogs for food. His mistress, Mrs. Pumphrey, would provide eggs so that her pet wouldn’t be hungry and would have the strength to recover from the medication. But every morning for breakfast, James Herriot and his associates would consume the eggs. Additionally, Mrs. Pumphrey sent bottles of wine to Tricki to improve his blood. But once more, Mr. Herriot and his associates ate those. He felt guilty about feeding Tricki the food that Mrs. Pumphrey had sent. The affluent woman was quite concerned about her pet’s condition, so the vet decided to phone her as soon as the little dog started showing signs of improvement. Tricki was really thrilled and leapt on her when she came to the hospital to pick up her pet. Mrs. Pumphrey was overjoyed with Mr. Herriot’s success in healing her dog and felt she could never express her appreciation to him sufficiently. She believed that this represented a surgical victory.

About The Author

James Alfred Wight, often recognized as James Herriot, was a renowned veterinarian and writer from the United Kingdom. This tale, A Triumph of Surgery, was written by him. Rich woman Mrs. Pumphrey walks her dog Tricky outside at the beginning of the tale.

Conclusion – “A Triumph of Surgery”

The chapter “A Triumph of Surgery” illustrates how wealthy parents spoil their kids with pricey items that end up being bad for their long-term health.

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