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The Browning Version Summary (CBSE Class 11) By Terence Rattigan

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The Browning Version Summary (CBSE Class 11) By Terence Rattigan
NameThe Browning Version
BoardCBSE Board
AuthorTerence Rattigan

Short Summary – The Browning Version

This play’s opening scene takes place in a classroom. Taplow, a sixteen-year-old boy, appears in the opening. He arrived to complete some additional work for his teacher, Mr. Crocker-Harris. Furthermore, he must wait for him because he has not yet arrived. Frank, a different teacher, sees Taplow waiting and starts chatting with him.

Frank learns from Taplow that his results have not yet been released, and he is waiting for them. The young man is eager to pursue a career in science and is hoping for success. Mr. Crocker-Harris does not personally announce the outcome. Ask the principal to announce the results on the last day of class instead.

The discussion also reveals Taplow’s mental insight. He expresses to Frank how detestable he finds the play “Agamemnon.” The play is not that horrible, he admits, but he prefers science. He also highlights how awful Mr. Harris’ teaching methods are.

He missed a class a week ago, so they had to do additional work. Frank says that Taplow will be “removed” because of the extra work he has done. Taplow, though, has a distinct feeling. According to Taplow, Mr. Crocker-Harris is different from other teachers, hence these regulations do not apply to him. He also doesn’t value the extra effort that students perform.

According to Taplow, Mr. Harris is unique among teachers. He is cruel and rigid. Additionally, he keeps their outcomes a secret until the day of judgement. When Taplow inquires about his dismissal, Crocker-Harris responds, “No less; and surely no more,” saying that’s exactly what he deserves.

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Frank highlighted that Taplow has the opportunity to escape and play golf because Crocker-Harris is 10 minutes late. However, Taplow appears surprised at this idea because he fears Mr. Crocker-Harris would follow him home.

Frank wishes he had Mr. Harris’s ability to influence his students. Taplow responds that Mr. Harris is not a sadist while Frank asks if he beats them. And he is not someone who would beat up students to express his anger.

Despite all of this, he still likes Mr. Harris and recalls an occasion in which he laughed at the traditional joke about Mr. Harris despite not understanding it.

Mille Crocker-Harris, Mr. Crocker-Harris’ wife, then walks in. She advises Taplow to go for 30 minutes, then return. It might take a while because Mr. Harris has been in the bursar’s office.

Taplow is confused by Mrs. Harris’ behaviour. Because he doesn’t want to disrespect the teacher he fears, Taplow is afraid to go. Mille promises Taplow that she will accept responsibility and offers an explanation for his absence. Taplow is given a prescription by Mille, who asks him to collect it for Harris at the pharmacy. As a result, Taplow accepts the offer and departs without Frank and Mrs. Harris.

About The Author

The play “The Browning Version,” created by Terence Rattigan, is briefly excerpted in this chapter. One-act play with a school setting. In the play, there are three characters: Taplow, Frank, and Mr. Crocker-Harris.


The play portrays the relationship between both the learner and the teacher. Despite Mr. Harris’ methods of instruction, Taplow, who was expected to display his fury, instead decided to respect and obey his master.

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