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Operating System MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

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what is Operating System?

Operating System is a computer program that manages the computer’s hardware and software resources. It’s the first program that runs on startup and it’s the foundation of all other programs and the operating system’s features enable the computer to function and perform tasks.

50 Important Operating System MCQ

1) Among the following, which one is not an operating system?

a) Windows

b) Linux

c) Oracle

d) DOS

Answer: (c) Oracle

2) What is the longest filename that can be used under DOS?

a) 4

b) 5

c) 8

d) 12

Answer: (c) 8

3) When did the first operating system come into existence?

a) 1948

b) 1949

c) 1950

d) 1951

Answer: (c) 1950

4) When did Microsoft Windows operating systems first come forward?

a) 1994

b) 1990

c) 1992

d) 1985

Answer: (d) 1985

5) Which of the following corresponds to Notepad’s extension?

.a) txt

b) .xls

c) .ppt

d) .bmp

Answer: (a) .txt

6) What else do you call a command interpreter?

a) prompt

b) kernel

c) shell

d) command

Answer: (c) shell

7) What does FAT’s entire name mean?

a) File attribute table

b) File allocation table

c) Font attribute table

d) Format allocation table

Answer: (b) File allocation table.

8) BIOS is used for?

a) By operating system

b) By compiler

c) By interpreter

d) By application software

Answer: (a) By operating system

9) What does the operating system term “booting” mean?

a) Restarting computer

b) Install the program

c) To scan

d) To turn off

Answer: (a) Restarting computer

10) When do page faults happen?

a) The page is present in memory.

b) The deadlock occurs.

c) The page is not present in memory.

d) The buffering occurs.

Answer: (c) The page does not present in memory.

11) Use of the Banker’s Algorithm?

a) To prevent deadlock

b) To deadlock recovery

c) To solve the deadlock

d) None of these

Answer: (a) To prevent deadlock

12) Where does a file go after you delete it from your computer?

a) Recycle bin

b) Hard disk

c) Taskbar

d) None of these

Answer: (a) Recycle bin

13) What kind of operating system is Linux?

a) Private operating system

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b) Windows operating system

c) Open-source operating system

d) None of these

Answer: (c) Open-source operating system

14) What does the DSM’s official name mean?

a) Direct system module

b) Direct system memory

c) Demoralised system memory

d) Distributed shared memory

Answer: (d) Distributed shared memory

15) What does the IDL’s official name mean?

a) Interface definition language

b) Interface direct language

c) Interface data library

d) None of these

Answer: (a) Interface definition language

16) What is the term for bootstrapping?

a) Cold boot

b) Cold hot boot

c) Cold hot strap

d) Hot boot

Answer: (a) Cold boot

17) What use does the fence registration serve?

a) To disk protection

b) To CPU protection

c) To memory protection

d) None of these

Answer: (c) To memory protection

18) If the page size gets lengthy, the internal fragmentation also__________ .

a) Decreases

b) Increases

c) Remains constant

d) None of these

Answer: (b) Increases

19) Which of the following is an operating system designed for one user?

a) Windows

b) MAC

c) Ms-Dos

d) None of these

Answer: (c) Ms-Dos

20) Which one of the following factors determines the size of virtual memory?

a) CPU

b) RAM

c) Address bus

d) Data bus

Answer: (c) Address bus

21) A page number is referred to as a?if it cannot be located in the translation lookaside buffer.

a) Translation Lookaside Buffer miss

b) Buffer miss

c) Translation Lookaside Buffer hit

d) All of the mentioned

Answer: (a) Translation Lookaside Buffer miss

22) Among the following, which is not application software?

a) Windows 7

b) WordPad

c) Photoshop

d) MS-excel

Answer: (a) Windows 7

23) Which of the following offers 64-bit support for Windows?

a) Window XP

b) Window 2000

c) Window 1998

d) None of these

Answer: (a) Window XP

24) Which of the aforementioned windows lacks a start button?

a) Windows 7

b) Windows 8

c) Windows XP

d) None of these

Answer: (b) Windows 8

25) Which of the following operating systems does not permit the simultaneous use of multiple programs?

a) Linux

b) Windows

c) MAC

d) DOS

Answer: (d) DOS

26) Which of the following describes a situation when deadlock results?

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a) Mutual exclusion

b) Hold and wait

c) ircular wait

d) No preemption

e) All of these

Answer: (e) All of these

27) Who creates the user interface for the operating system’s services?

a) API

b) System call

c) Library

d) Assembly instruction

Answer: (b) System call

28) Where is the list of waiting and ready-to-execute processes located?

a) Job queue

b) Ready queue

c) Execution queue

d) Process queue

Answer: (b) Ready queue

29) Who of the following has the ability to halt an active process?

a) Fork

b) Read

c) Down

d) All of these

Answer: (d) All of these

30) Which of the subsequent doesn’t stop the active process?

a) Timer interrupt

b) Device

c) Power failure

d) Scheduler process

Answer: (b) Scheduler process

31) What is Windows by Microsoft?

a) Operating system

b) Graphics program

c) Word Processing

d) Database program

Answer: (a) Operating system

32) Among the following, which one is a group of programs?

a) Accessories

b) Paint

c) Word

d) All of above

Answer: (a) Accessories

33) What one of the following is a real-time operating system?

a) MAC


c) Windows 10

d) Process Control

Answer: (d) Process Control

34) Which operating system from the list below do you use for a client-server network?

a) MAC

b) Linux

c) Windows XP

d) Windows 2000

Answer: (d) Windows 2000

35) Which windows did My Computer receive?

a) Windows 10

b) Windows XP

c) Windows 95

d) Windows 98

Answer: (c) Windows 95

36) What kind of commands are necessary for different operations in DOS?

a) Internal commands

b) External commands

c) Valuable commands

d) Primary commands

Answer: (b) External commands

37) What is the primary file name of MS-primary DOS’s name in characters?

a) Up to 8 characters

b) 3 characters

c) Up to 10 characters

d) None of the above

Answer: (a) Up to 8 characters

38) What command is used to retrieve a recently deleted set of documents(.doc)?

a) Undelete

b) Undelete/all

c) Undelete *.doc

d) All of above

Answer: (c) Undelete *.doc

39) Which of the following describes system software?

a) Operating system

b) Compiler

c) Utilities

d) All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above

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40) Which application launches first when the machine boots and loads the GUI?

a) Desktop Manager

b) File Manager

c) Windows Explorer

d) Authentication

Answer: (d) Authentication

41) A disk’s swap space is primarily employed for:

a. Save process data

b. Save temporary HTML pages

c. Store the device drivers

d. Store the super-block

Answer: (a) Save process data

42) Which one of these page replacement algorithms exhibits Belady’s anomaly?

a. LRU


c. Both LRU and FIFO

d. Optimal Page Replacement

Answer: (b) FIFO

43) A computer’s performance typically improves when its RAM is increased because:

a. Fewer page faults occur

b. Virtual memory increases

c. Fewer segmentation faults occur

d. A larger RAM is faster

Answer: (a) Fewer page faults occur

44) In a system, thrashing happens when:

a. The system’s processes commonly visit pages rather than memory.

b. A page fault pops up

c. The system’s processes are active and operating.

d.  The system’s processes are in a state of awaited execution.

Answer: (a) The system’s processes commonly visit pages rather than memory.

45) There is a page fault when:

a.The memory does not contain the requested page.

b. It has the requested page in its memory.

c. An exception is thrown

d. The page is corrupted

Answer: (a) TThe memory does not contain the requested page.

46) The primary content(s) of each entry in a page table are:

a. Page frame number

b. Virtual page number

c. Page frame and virtual page numbers are both used.

d. Accessing the right information

Answer: (a) Page frame number

47) Which one of the following is not a type of memory?

a. translation lookaside buffer

b. instruction opcode

c. instruction register

d. instruction cache

Answer: (b)instruction opcode

48) Which one of these is NOT shared by threads within the same process?

a. Address Space

b. Stack

c. Message Queue

d. File Descriptor Table

Answer: (b)Stack

49) Which disk scheduling strategy causes the least amount of head movement?

a. Circular scan

b. Elevator

c. FCS

d. None of the above

Answer: (a) Circular scan

50) Which of the following requires a device driver?

a. Main memory

b. Disk

c. Register

d. Cache

Answer: (b)Disk

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