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Key Benefits of Summary Writing Tools: How They Can Save Your Time and Boost Your Productivity

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In our world, only the quick and productive methods of performing tasks are viable anymore. The quicker a piece of information is processed, the better. This information may be textual, visual, or even auditory.

The latter forms of data (video and audio) are already being conveyed in an efficient manner. But text-based content is becoming less and less popular. People don’t want to read large pieces of text.

This is why the importance of summarizing information is quite high. This article will show you all the factors related to this process of summarizing text. 

What is Summary Writing?

Summarizing means shortening content to convey its main idea effectively. This type of writing can be done in various ways according to the nature of a situation. 

For example, if you want to summarize a blog to make a social media description, then a passage-based summary would work.

However, if you want to convey all the main points of a write-up, using bullet points might be a better choice. These bullets can explain the key points of the whole content. Similarly, summarizing can also be in the form of the best line of the whole writing. 

All these tasks can be done manually if you have a large amount of time to spare. However, a quicker and more efficient method would be to use a summary writing tool. Let’s discuss what this is.

What is a Summary Writing Tool?

The automated solution to writing summaries is the use of summary writing tools. Summary writing tools are special online utilities that can summarize an inserted piece of text effectively. 

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Some of these tools have AI integration, allowing them to understand a piece of text from start to finish. In this way, these tools can summarize accurately. If you also want to try them, here are some good options:

Using these tools, you can generate precise summaries according to your needs. 

Uses of Summary Writing

Now that you know how summaries are written or generated, you might want to know how these can be useful. You might be shocked to know that this process has a variety of applications. Some of the popular ones are mentioned here:

  • Academics: Students can summarize lengthy information for learning purposes.
  • Business: By summarizing information, business individuals can convey the maximum amount of their thoughts in meetings, presentations, etc. 
  • Social Media Marketing: If you want to share your write-ups (blogs, article posts, etc.) on social media, you can summarize them and share them as captions.  

If any of these applications cover your interests, then you can use summary writing. And to make things even easier, you can skip manual summarizing and utilize tools for this purpose. 

How can Summary Writing Tools Save Time and Boost Productivity?

Up until now, we have been emphasizing the use of summary writing tools. That’s because the functioning of summarizing tools is much more convenient than writing summaries by yourself. Here are some such qualities of these tools:

  1. Automatic Summarization

The advanced algorithms these tools use allow them to work completely independently. Human interaction is only required when the original text is inserted. After that, the tool works by itself.

  • First, it recognizes the text and understands what is written.
  • After that, it identifies the most important parts of the text.
  • Then, the tool shortens the text based on the selected mode and required length.
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This whole process takes just a few moments. On the other hand, if you write a summary for any purpose yourself, it will take significantly larger time. You will have to review your whole write-up and take out the most important points from it.

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After that, you will also have to type it all down. All in all, this process can take up to 40 minutes or more. Compared to just a few seconds, 40 minutes is quite a lot of time. 

  1. Understandable Interfaces

Another upside of using summary tools is that they can be used by any person. You don’t need to have any previous knowledge or experience about them. This is because the whole process of generating a summary comprises a few clicks. 

In this way, you can save quite a large chunk of time and focus on things that require more attention. For further clarification, here is an image showing a standard summarizing tool:

  1. Instant Summary Generation

As mentioned before, these tools can generate summaries in an instant manner. This feature of summary tools is very beneficial in boosting productivity. The quick working of these tools helps you focus on the more important things.

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For example, let’s suppose you are using these tools for social media captions generation. If you use these tools, you won’t have to worry about what content to write in the caption. Consequently, you can focus on stuff like scheduling and advertising.  

  1. Summary Generation for Multiple Documents at Once

This feature of the summarizing tools is a by-product of the last one. In other words, the fast functioning of these tools allows them to generate more than just a single summary. You can handle multiple projects at once.

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For example, if you want to learn multiple extensive topics as a student, you can summarize all of them separately. You can use the bullet points feature to take out the main points of all the topics and memorize them effectively. 


Summarizing content is a process that is not known much. The above post’s aim is to increase awareness about this simple yet effective technique. By now, you should have understood the various useful applications of this process.

But all these benefits can be amplified with the use of online tools such as the ones mentioned above. These are summary writing tools, and all their advantages are explained in detail.

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