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Internet Slang Full Forms (A to Z)

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Internet slang is a word, phrase, or acronym that is used on the internet and has since spread to other forms of media. Today, it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the internet slang and how it started to spread. However, there are many signs that can help you figure out what internet slang means. For example, internet slang is often used by individuals who are on the internet. You can also see internet slang used in social media and on websites. Finally, you can use internet slang in email or text messages.

Internet Slang Full Forms

Internet Slang Full Forms

Short FormsFull Forms
LOLLaughing Out Loud
FYIFor Your Information
TTYLTalk To You Later
ROFLRolling On Floor Laughing
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
OKOll Korrect
PFAPlease Find Attachment
DPDisplay Picture
BRBBe Right Back “Be Right Back” is an expression, for the most
EODEnd of the Day
CC Carbon Copy
HBDHappy Birthday
AFAIKAs far as I know
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
BAEBaby or Before Anyone Else
BFFBest Friends Forever
GTGGot To Go
IDCI Don’t Care or In Due Course
JKJust Kidding
NVMNever Mind
TBHTo Be Honest
YOLOYou Only Live Once
AKAAlso Known As
DMDirect Message / Don’t Mind
MCMMighty Car Mods / Man Crush Monday
OMWOn My Way
OOTDOutfit Of The Day
POVPoint Of View
SMHShaking My Head
TBTTruth Be Told
WCWWoman Crush Wednesday
AMAAsk Me Anything
FAQFrequently Asked Question
IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
LMKLet Me Know
RTRe-Tweet / Real Time
RIPRest In Peace
IDRI Don’t Remember
IRLIn Real Life
NSFWNot Safe For Work
OTLOn The low
ROLFRolling On Floor Laughing
TLDRToo Long that’s why Didn’t Read
AFKAway From Keyboard
KMITLKeep Me In The Loop
NOOBNewbie or Newcomer
Ya’llYou All
BCBe Cool / Because
DGMWDon’t Get Me Wrong
DIYDo It Yourself
FKAFormerly Known As
FTWFor The Win
HTHHope This Helps
JFYIJust For Your Information
NBDNo Big Deal
TIAThanks In Advance
ICYMIIn Case You Missed It
AMAAsk Me Anything
IKRI Know, Right?
IMMDIt Made My Day
SNHSarcasm Noted Here
MFWMy Face When
NOYBNone of your Business
YMMDYou made my Day
WFMWorks for Me
WRTWith Regard to
WTHWhat the Hell / What the Heck
WTFWhat the Fuck
TBCTo be Continued / To be Confirmed
TGIFThanks God, its Friday
THX / TNXThanks
TYVMThank you very much
TYTTake your Time
SFLRSorry, for late Reply
SCNRSorry, could not Resist
MMWMark my words
N/ANot Applicable / Available
NNTRNo need to Reply
2F4UToo Fast for you
NRNNo Reply Necessary
OTOHOn the other Hand
AAMOFAs a Matter of Fact
AFAIRAs far as I remember / recall
B2K / BTKBack to Keyboard
BTTBack to Topic
BTWBy the Way
C&PCopy and Paste
CUSee you
CYSCheck your Settings
EOBDEnd of Business Day
EODEnd of Discussion
EOMEnd of Message
HFHave fun
WFHWork From Home
IDKI don’t know
IMOIn my Opinion
IMNSHOIn my not so Humble / Honest Opinion
IOWIn other Words
HMBHit me back
TCTake Care
MYOBMind your own business
TYThank You
OMGOh My God / Gosh
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