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Essay on My Village in English for Class 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10

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Essay on My Village is an important essay that you must know to write. When I think of my village I think of the people who live there and the way they work together. It’s a place where people are loyal and they love their country. It’s a place where people have morals and values and try their best to live by them. It’s a place where everyone is safe and everyone has a job to do like farming, small businesses like shops and much more.

Essay on My Village

Essay on My Village

My village name is Guniyal Gaon. It is in the Bankura district of Uttar Pradesh. Our group comprises about 160-195 families; the total number of people residence here is nearly 1800. I have a family of five- It include of my parents, my younger sister, my elder brother and myself. While my sister helps my mother with workaday, my father does manual toil in the nearby construction site.

Guniyal Gaon is a small village, but beautiful one. One long extend of road runs across the entire town, branching and crook here and there, and giving birth to street and by-lanes. Small mud huts and cottages sit in two opposite rows on either side of the lane, facing one each-other. All things are made of mud and sand; only a few handfuls of wood, cement, reinforcement made building are in the area.

We have some amenity here and there. At the very middle point of the village stands the community village school which is assisted by the government. It is the one and only education center in the area; there are no colleges. The school building is only ground floor and houses students from grade 1 to 6. I study in the 6th grade.

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The village council building is another building made from RCC( reinforcement, concrete, cement). All minor bench matters are dealt with over here. The house is presided over by the Panch and his other cleric.

Guniyal Gaon is still on its way to development. The village had its 1st electric link only a few months back. We have electricity for 12 hours in households from 12 o’clock in the afternoon to 12 o’clock night. We do face some minor power supply cuts once or twice, but those are infrequent.

The local market is 15 minutes from our area. If one has to buy any vital commodities or food items, they can go to the bazaar on foot; they can also take a bus ride of 6 minutes. The market is flocked with necessary products. The market also has a government ration-shop. The entire village assemble in a queue before the ration-shop once every month for their share of endowed rations. Aside from these shops, the village itself has 5-8 shops here and there.

The roads are all rough tracks; they are not line tracks. Our village include of a close-knit group-everyone knows each-other here. Every evening my friends from nearest huts and I assemble in the fields to play. We play hide and seek, kabaddi, cricket etc., mostly. The streets stay lit from the lamp-posts present in every lane.

The main work of the people in Guniyal Gaon is manual toil, handicraft and agriculture. After they complete their 6th grade education, a few people migrate to the city of Mumbai, Delhi for higher studies; the government distributes yearly scholarships for this good time.

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Situated in the beautiful nature, my village is covered by greenery. Like in cities, pollution has not yet occupy the air around us. Although city life supply many benefits and advantages to its resident, I am satisfied with the little and pleasant life, which I have a advantage in my small village.


We hope you enjoyed our essay on my village.

The way the people live and the way they interact with each other has a direct reflection on the values and the norms of the village. The individual inhabitants of the village have the power to create a new way of living and thinking, with each other and themselves.

I’ve traveled many places and met lots of interesting people and made a lot of friends for life but my village is a special place that I will never forget.

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