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Essay on My Father

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My Father is the most important person in my life, and he is the person who taught me how to be strong. He is a complete opposite of me, which is what makes him so great. He is always willing to help me and make me smile.

Essay on My Father

All would describe their fathers differently. They all have different knowledge and experiences. My father and I may not always speak but acknowledge each other well, while there are many who talk about lot’s of things with their father.

Fathers are said to give a sense of security and safety among daughters, which is something my father has consistently given me. Many studies do propose that daughters look for a man who may be alike to how their father was with them; if he was tend or strong. Sons see their fathers as exemplar, whom they should grow up to be like and emulate their behavior.

My father has always helped me to chase after my dreams and pursue what interests me, knowing the difficulties. He trust that everyone must make mistakes to learn from them. Fathers are known to be daredevil in this way. They help to instill problem-solving potential so that we can do better.

Considering time immemorial, there have been many concept about how fathers are the breadwinners, and mothers must look after of the house. In the developing age of feminism, mothers are now working and following careers, while fathers help take care of the house. My father has always helped my mother’s career and has always respected the balance that she has between work and home. He helps her with duties and even makes sure to have food on the table when she is busy with work. My father has taught me that family is very important, and no matter what, my family will consistently be there for me.

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While some fathers may seem strict and self-disciplined, it is because they want their children to learn how to handle the real world. Fathers have an crucial role to play when it comes to their children, forming connection, as they are affected by how their father treats the family. My father has always deal with my brother and me as equals and has always treated my mother with high regard. As mothers, they too, are an main part of the emotional well-being of a child. Children still want to make their father and mother proud and happy. They seek emotional and physical consolation from their fathers in tough times and look to them for enforcing rules.

Fathers also help build a child’s self-pride. My father has helped me to be happy of whom I am and stand up for what I believe. He has educate me to be true to myself. A father takes up all kinds of leadership, from contributing for the family to making sure that their children are safe.

Father’s Day is one such day to honor fatherhood and their impact on our lives. It is to thank our fathers for what they did and do for us every day. It is celebrated in June, on the 3rd Sunday. Father’s day will be celebrated on 18th June in 2023. So, fathers are crucial figures in our lives.


My Father is the person who is responsible for shaping me. He has shaped my moral and intellectual values. He has made sure that I am grounded and have a clear sense of what is right and wrong. He has been there for me through the good and the bad. He has never let me down and has been there to guide me on the journey.

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