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Essay on Pollution in English for Class 5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th

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Pollution is a large problem that is intrinsically connected with our day to day life. It is essentially the discharge of unwanted and harmful substances into the environment. This includes air, land and water pollution. Pollution can have a large impact on the environment and human health. The air we breathe and the water we drink can be preserved with the help of pollution and other pollution-related issues. We can reduce the amount of pollution in our environment by taking some action. This essay on Pollution will look at the impacts of pollution on the environment and our health.

Essay on Pollution

Essay on Pollution

Introduction: The issue of pollution has become very serious today. We people has interfered too much with our environment. As a outcome, environment which involve air, water, soil etc. has been polluted, all sorts of vegetation, animal and life-human is affected indirectly and directly. It brings inability. It should be checked straight away.

Types of Pollution

There are mostly 4 types of pollution:

  1. Air pollution
  2. Water pollution
  3. Soil pollution
  4. Noise pollution

Air pollution

Air pollution is mostly caused by the smoke of factories, Motar cars, Industries, burning of plastics, etc. As a result, our health gets affected , it causes asthma, coughing and other lung problems.

Water pollution

Water pollution is mostly caused when toxic pollutants and particulate matter are launched into water bodies such as rivers, lakes and ocean. These defile are generally launched by human activities like improper sewage treatment and oil spills.

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Soil pollution

Soil pollution represent the defile of soil due to the presence of toxic substances such as extreme use of fertilizers and pesticides, industrial waste, deforestation etc.

Noise pollution

Noise pollution is harmful to life. It is said that 85 decibels starting point of deafness and other harmful diseases. The common point behind noise pollution is the sound that comes from vehicles, industry, planes and other source that reaches beyond permissible limits.

Effects of Pollution in human health

  • Radiation are exceedingly dangerous for human health as they produce detrimental changes in the body cells and affect the genes.
  • When people are reveal to radiation, their philoprogenitive may also be affected, and thus, alteration may be transmitted to future age groups. This is known as genetic difference.
  • Reveal to radioactive pollution may cause damage to body parts. It may outcome in lung cancer, brain cancer, thyroid cancer, sterility and lowering the eyesight.

How to control or reduce pollution

The pollution is a global issue. It is the collective problem and thereby, it needs a collective access to end it. We should focus on growing plants, go green, banish waste in nature, bans on plastic, less use of horns etc. We need to economize agriculture. We should stop using extreme harmful chemicals etc. in agriculture to save our soil from being polluted. The world should not look at the construction. Aside with it, we need to bang a balance between industrial progress and the conservation of nature. The role of government, civil society and mass media is required.

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The pollution is one of the harmful problem that we all are facing. It would smash the entire world. There is no contradict the fact. Instead, the world community should join to save each other from the threating remarks of pollution.

We hope you found our essay on pollution informational. We hope that in reading this you will realize the dangerous consequences of pollution and take a moment to thank those who take care of the environment. However, if you would like to learn more about this topic and the solution to pollution, you can visit our website at

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