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Bharat Is My Home Summary (Class 12) By Dr. Zakir Hussain

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Bharat Is My Home Summary
NameBharat Is My Home
BoardBihar Board
AuthorDr. Zakir Hussain

Bharat is My Home Summary in English. Bharat is My Home is clerical by Dr. Zakir Hussain.

Bharat is My Home by ‘Dr. Zakir Hussain’ About the Author

Dr. Zakir Hussain was born in Hyderabad in the year of ‘1897’. He was one of the pronounced freedom fighters as well as an environmental educationist. He became the President of India in the year of 1967. Earlier he had obeyed as the governor of Bihar. ‘Bharat is My Home’ is an abstract from his presidential speech given in 1967 after taking the oath as president.

Poet NameDhan Gopal Mukerji.
Born8 February, 1897 in Hyderabad.
EducationLucknow Christian College, University of Lucknow & MORE.
BooksA flower’s song, MORE, Sunshine for Amma.
AwardsBharat Ratna and many more.
Died3 May 1969 in New Delhi.

‘Bharat is My Home Summary’ in English

The abstraction from ‘Bharat is My Home’ is taken out from the speech of Dr. Zakir Hussain. He delivered his speech in 1967 after taking the vow as President. In his speech Dr. Zakir Husain promise himself to the service of the totality of India’s culture.

In his speech, he said that he presumed his office of the president in a spirit of humanity and total dedication. He would be stand by the constitution of India. He vow to the service of absolute values. The author in his speech has given the focus to the growth of national culture and national character. As stated by him our past culture is not dead and static it is alive and dynamic. Our past culture is the base of originate the quality of our present and the prospects of our future.

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Dr. Zakir Hussain in his speech promise himself to the loyalty on our past culture. He also vow his loyalty to his country. He pledge to work for the welfare of its people without distinction of color, cast and creed. He furthermore says that ‘The whole of Bharat’ is may ‘home and its people are my family’. He vow to make his home (Bharat) beautiful and strong. The people will guide a prosperous and graceful life.

Since our family is huge we will have to labor hard. Each of us shall have to take part in building new life of the nature. He Says that the circumstances demands that we should work more and more. Our work should be solid, silent, sincere and steady.

As reported by the author there are two aspects of work— social and individual. A man should work for his personal needs. A person should be free to develop and achieve his personal, physical & moral values under strict discipline.

But an single person can not grow in full perfection without the help of society. So, individual and society are interconnected and interdependent.
At last the author also says that our state will not be just an institution of power, but a moral firm. To Mahatma Gandhi, individual power or state power should be used only for moral motive. The author promises to dedicate his time to the welfare of the people of Bharat.

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