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What is Resource Conservation?

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What is Resource Conservation

Resource conservation is the practice of reducing consumption of natural resources. Most resources are usually limited, with their availability determined by the laws of nature. So, in order to conserve resources, it is important to determine the best practices. This can be done by identifying where the resource is used and then finding ways to reduce the use of that resource. There are many ways to do this. You can reduce the amount of resources that you use by reducing the amount of waste that you produce. To do this, you can take into account the amount of time it takes for a resource to decompose and the amount of water that is needed to clean it. You can also reduce the amount of resources that you use by using less electricity, turning off the lights when you leave a room, and using less water.

Resource Conservation: Using resources carefully and giving them time to get renewed.

Sustainable Development :

  • Balancing the present need of resources and conserving them for future generation is known as sustainable development.
  • Reducing consumption, Recycling and Reusing.

Principles of Sustainable Development:

  • Respect and care for all forms of life.
  • Improve the quality of life.
  • Conserve the Earth’s vitality and diversity.
  • Minimise the depletion of Natural resources.
  • Change personal attitude and practices towards the environment.
  • Enable communities to care for their own environment.
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