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Essay on My Mother

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My mother is a wonderful woman. She is a single mother who has raised me and two other children by herself. She works two jobs and is the ultimate example of a strong woman. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without her. She has always been there for me and she has been there for my siblings. I will forever be indebted to her for bringing us up. The essay on My Mother gives a brief summary of the life of the mother and then goes on to describe the mother’s importance to the family.

Essay on My Mother

Essay on My Mother

Mother is a very special and main person for every child. In fact, she is the most valuable gift of God for anyone. A child can see the society only because of her. She is a bestfriend, guide, parent, and teacher to her child. She takes care of the whole family and turns a house into a beautiful home. She raise her children with the maximum care, love and compassion. She brighten our homes with her presence and smile.

The word Mother by itself brings emotions to us and every child is very emotionally connected to their mothers. The safest a child can feel is in the comfort of his/her mother’s lap. For me, my mother is the ideogram of love, truth, honesty, and grace in this world.

My mother is an role model for me. She is an marvelous woman. She is the woman I praises the most. I begin my day with my mother’s laugh. She is the 1st one to wake up every morning and every single day. She start over her day at five in the morning by taking our dogs for a walk. She then wakes my brother and me and make ready us for school. She takes care of our bento box with different menus every day. She drops us at the bus depot. Her waving hand gives us guarantee that she is always there for us no matter what. She helps us with our learning and task given by our teachers.

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My mother is the one to spend wakeful nights when we fall sick. She is always very worried about our health, education, and happiness. She defines our personality every moment. She also settlement her needs and ensures that our needs are taken care of first. She always escort us to do the right things in life and choose the right direction. She does every single thing possible to make us feel comfortable all the time. She is our bosom buddy. We can share all our top-secrets with her and whenever we are in problems, we know that our mother would give us some solution. Many times, she becomes a child herself and have a good time with us like going out for shopping, movies and playing Ludo, cards, etc. 

My mother not only takes care of us but also takes care of my grandparents and father. She is the support of strength for my father. She is the one who creates strong relationship among all our relatives. She is always on her toes catering to all needs and necessity of my grandparents. She has never stepped back whenever our neighbors and friends ask her for help. She helps in volunteering for community work for the improvement of our society. She takes care of every household duty without complaining even once. She runs a food line alongside. She has relentless stamina to direct both home and work. She has immense emotional and physical strength to surmount everyday challenges and hurdles both in work and home.  Sometimes I wonder how she conduct everything at the same time. She is so good at managing and she does it flawlessly. Her positive attitude and skills have enlighten my strength to stay calm during challenging times.

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I desire to be like her and inculcate all her qualities. A mother is like Mother Nature who always gives love, care without any expectations in return. It is not easy to be a living inspirational for someone and to do so requires a life full of wisdom, positivity and enthusiasm. Mother is not just a word; in fact, it is a whole world in itself. She is to be sure the most important person in everybody’s life.

I love that my mother is always there for me, and I love the support she has given me through the years. I feel so blessed to have a woman like my mom who I can count on. I am so thankful for her, and I am always thankful for her.

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