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Essay on English as a global language

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English has become the most common language in the world, with over 80% of the world’s population speaking it as their first language. This is due to the fact that English is the most commonly studied foreign language in the world and that English is the one that is taught most often. It’s important to note that English is not the only global language, but it is the most spoken. The essay on English as a global language will touch on how this rise in English is going to change the English language.

Essay on English as a global language

Essay on English as a global language

Definition of a global language is a language spoken internationally and is studied by several people as a second language. English is known to be the worldwide language in that context.

English is not only used as a mere casually conveying tool, but it is also used professionally and also in diplomatic policies, tourism, entertainment field and educational sectors, and to be in touch between two non-English native nations. English is used all over the map.

In this age of modernity, countries like Japan, China and Russia, who have ardent sustained and promoted their language, have today accepted the status of the English language.

In India, English is an formal language used to liaise between different states having their language. It has become a medium of direction in educational institutions. For higher schooling only English is used to teach.

There are quarrel that languages have a strong link between dominance and cultural power. The main point that the languages exist is because of a powerful power-base, economic, political and military. The language itself was extract from languages such as Latin, French, German and other European countries. Sociolinguists argue whether the simple-ness of the English language is the main reason for it becoming a worldwide language.

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Normally, Struggling level varies from person to person, and there are different point involving when a person is starting to learn a language. While learning one more language, one can notice that some languages seems to be more difficult than others. Some languages have many resemblance in pronunciation and words. For example, Greek has similitude with Italian language. Then, there are languages having rough accent or spelling and are dissimilar to any other language, like German.

English is a very essential language, and that it’s shown beyond doubt by the many native and non-native speakers globally. Demography show nearly a one-fourth of the world is already articulate or content in English. However the number of native Chinese speakers are huge in numbers, but Chinese is still not the worldwide language is because of its complex letter system, spelling and grammar. Thus, for a language to become a worldwide language has nothing to do with the number of native speakers.

Moreover, English helps to convey various meanings. It has a lot of words with disparate meanings and various types of syntax, helping the speaker to convey their message with great accuracy. Another factor that makes English systematic is its compact letter system. It’s not like Chinese with 10,000 letter writing structure which is very difficult for most people. Furthermore, the English language is very spoken, instead than character-based. Hence it can help to relate the actual sounds of words or phrases.

A poor characteristic of the English language is, there could be words with same sounds but with a different meaning, which can mystify non-native speakers. Another problem in English is different regions of native English speakers have their different pronunciation, which makes a non-native or a novice learner of the language, not to know them clearly. Non-native speakers also have their particular accents.

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Since English is so commonly spoken, many have taken up English as their 2nd language. English has allowed a common connection between people of different backgrounds. Hence, English has helped to decrease certain cultural barriers between nations. However, there are lifestyle differences between countries and nations. In India, which has 1000 of local languages, English is used as the official language as a smooth conveying mean.

Though English is an main language, we should never assume that its upper-level to other languages. Each country should consider their language as being main to them. To sum up, English can be regarded as a worldwide language, but it cannot be considered higher-level to other languages. Every single language has its extra special characteristics, way of expressing and it should be protected and celebrated.


English is a global language because it is the mother tongue of more than 500 million people worldwide. The language is also the most widely used language on the Internet. English is the language of international business, technology and science. If you are looking for a language to help your business thrive globally, English is the language for you.

We hope you enjoyed our essay on English as a global language. Language is such a crucial part of our lives, and it’s important to recognize and celebrate the different languages used around the world. We’re glad we’ve been able to provide this information and hope that you’ll share this article with anyone who may be interested. We would love to hear your thoughts on this subject so please ask any questions in the comments below!

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