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Clean India Green India Essay

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India is one of the most polluted countries in the world. Although the levels of pollution have reduced in recent years, the people of India still suffer from the effects of pollution. Pollution is impacting their health and leads to a variety of health issues. India needs to take a proactive approach to cleaning and greening their country in order to restore their health. Our Clean India Green India Essay will take you through some simple steps you can take to make India a cleaner place.

Clean India Green India Essay

Clean India Green India Essay

Cleanliness is next to godliness“, this proverb reflects the importance of cleanliness in our life. Since the dawn of civilization, as we started becoming civilized we gradually realized the importance of cleanliness in our life. As far as the need of green cover is concerned green plants and forests are the necessity for life on this earth.

Clean India Green India Mission

It was basically the dream of the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. He was conscious of the poor position of Indian poor rural people of that time and he dreamt of a clean India. Thus he emphasized on cleanliness and sanitation as an intact function of surviving.

Commencement of Campaign

In our country India, “Clean India Green India” campaign was officially launched on 2nd October 2014 at Rajghat New Delhi by prime minister Narendra Modi. It was started to bring awareness among the people of the country and to know and realize the importance of cleanliness, trees, plants and forests on this earth.

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A nation wide campaign

It is a country’s largest ever cleanliness drive. Almost 3 million government employees, especially school and college students from all parts of India had participated in the mission. It is a mission by the government of India to clean the streets, roads, beaches and infrastructure of the country, 4041 cities and towns.


Clean India Green India is a national mission under eight missions of the national action plan on climate change(NAPCC).

  • It’s also aim at protecting restoring and enhancing India’s diminishing forest cover.
  • It’s aim to achieve universal sanitation coverage and encourage hygienic sanitation practice.
  • To achieve a clean and open defecation free India.
  • To convert pit latrines into sanitary latrines.
  • To bring improvement in the quality of life in rural area.
  • To create awareness about health and hygiene.

Clean India Green India

Their was a small campaign run by our prime minister under the Swachh Bharat Mission, which was named “Clean India Green India“. Today people are becoming very inattentive towards the environment. Due to aimless deforestation, our environment is being damage a lot. For this purpose, this scheme was run by our prime minister. Under this scheme whatever our forest area is, protect them and motivate people to plant more number of trees. So that along with our environment is also clean, people do not face any problems.

We got a lot of help during the corona pandemic through the Swachh Bharat, green India scheme by our prime minister of India. That is why we should be very grateful to them for running this campaign because only under ‘Clean India Green India’ we have been able to save ourselves a little from this disease.

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Through the present campaign, people have to be made conscious of our environment and nature. Today people are being very inattentive about our environment and trees are being cut without any reason, just for their own benefits. Under the present scheme, a news has been given to the people to attach the people of all those countries and also to save our environment. Apart from this, water pollution, inadequate drinking water and lack of sanitation, deforestation have been important issues of this plan.

Ahead with the government, people have a very important part in making our country clean and green. Our government has made very rigid rules to protect the forest area.

“Clean India Green India” are the two perspective of one coin i.e. sustainable development in Indian dream of the father of the nation. The main objective of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is reduce or eliminate open defection through the construction of Individual and community toilets establishment of accountable and transparent mechanism of monitoring the work of government.


It is the responsibility of each and every citizen of the country to contribute in building the neat, clean and hygienic atmosphere, so that the world can become and better place to live in.

We hope you enjoyed our essay on “Clean India, Green India.” Many people may not be aware of what Clean India, Green India is, but we have compiled a list of exciting facts on it. Our essay on “Clean India, Green India” is meant to motivate and encourage people to take action towards the goal of Clean India, Green India. Please feel free to share this post with your friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones. If you would like to learn more about “Clean India, Green India,” you can always follow the blog at

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