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3 Tips to Enhance Your English Vocabulary

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Vocabulary is considered one of the key elements that help people in speaking fluent English. No matter if you have perfect grammar, if you don’t know the correct words and phrases to express yourself in English, then it will become difficult for you to speak English fluently.  

According to a survey conducted by the Economist, adults who are native speakers of the English language have a vocabulary bank of 20,000 to 35,000 words. While average native speakers with an age of at least 8 have 10,000 words in their minds. 

Having a robust vocabulary can help people in improving all areas of communication such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. 

That’s why, we have decided to come up with the most useful tips that you can take in order to enhance your English vocabulary. 

Why Everyone Needs to Enhance Their English Vocabulary

Before heading towards the importance of enhancing English vocabulary, let’s first understand what vocabulary is. According to Textinspector, vocabulary is a raw building block of words/phrases that people use to express their thoughts, and ideas, understand others, and build relationships with them. 

Every English learner feels frustrated when they want to say something but don’t what words they should use in order to efficiently deliver the message. Most of us may relate to this kind of situation. I personally face this issue a number of times in my life while talking with teachers, elder ones, and close relatives. The main reason behind this is the lack of vocabulary.

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Lack of vocabulary further results in creating a language barrier and end up in failed communication. Therefore, to avoid miscommunication everyone needs to learn new words and try to use them while communicating with others. 

3 Tips to Enhance English Vocabulary

1. Reading Often Instead of Occasionally!

We know, most of you will be thinking that speaking and writing are the best ways to enhance the production of new words and phrases. It’s true, but reading is one of the easiest ways to discover new words since it does not require any effort to write or speak. 

Reading is a great resource that can help you learn new words/phrases and efficiently understand the phonetics of language which makes it easier to speak. 

However, you cannot expect to improve your vocabulary in a number of minutes or hours. To get good improvement, you need patience and regular reading practice. 

There are multiple ways that you adopt in order to enhance vocabulary by reading such as:

  • Read what interests you
  • Reading regularly
  • Read books/novels at your knowledge level for a better understanding 

2. Practicing vocabulary-building exercises/games

In addition to reading, people can also enhance their English language vocabulary by taking exercises or playing online educational games. For exercises, there are a number of popular platforms available online such as

This platform provides users with complete information about the searched word including history, definitions, meaning, synonyms, and multiple examples of how you can use it. Not just this, this online platform also provides online exercises that you can take in order to test your vocabulary skills. 

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When it comes to playing online educational games for English vocabulary improvement. Online games like Boggle can help people in learning new words. 

This game provides users with numerous English letters and asks them to hover over at least three characters. If the three characters hovered by the user match an English word, the game will count it and give a point to the user. This way users will have the opportunity to learn new words 

Overall, by taking online exercises and playing vocabulary-building games, people can learn new words in a fun way. 

3. Utilizing online tools

Another effective way to enhance your vocabulary is to use online rephrasing tools. These tools work to rephrase online the provided content in order to make it look different from the original version but with the same meaning.

One of them main steps that these tools incorporate in their working is to synonymize the provided content by swapping out the existing words with other suitable alternatives. You can use this functionality to your benefit by providing the tool some of your content and then making note of the added words.

When using a rephrase online tool for this purpose, you have to ensure that you use the right mode. In a lot of tools, there are different modes available, one of which is usually geared towards synonymizing the provided content rather than making other types of changes to it.

To give you an idea of what this looks like, here is a screenshot of a particular rephrasing tool in working;

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As you can image attached above, the tool has replaced the words with synonyms, which can help you in improving their vocabulary bank. 


In conclusion, vocabulary is the main skill. If you don’t know enough words, then you won’t be able to communicate effectively. And your reading and speaking skills will also be not improved. That’s why, it is essential to practice it regularly because the more words you know, the better you will be able to communicate. 

Above, we have discussed three major tips that can be extremely effective in enhancing one’s English vocabulary. Hope these tips will help in becoming a master of English. 

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