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BEGC 131: IGNOU BAG Solved Assignment 2022-2023 (INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY)

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BEGC-131 IGNOU Solved Assignment 2022-2023 INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY
TitleBEGC 131: IGNOU BAG Solved Assignment 2022-2023 (INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY)
DegreeBachelor Degree Programme
Course CodeBEGC 131
Programme NameBachelor of Arts (General)
Programme CodeBAG
Total Marks100
Assignment CodeBAG/2022/2023
Last Date for Submission of Assignment:For June Examination: 31st April
For December Examination: 30th September
BEGC-131 IGNOU Solved Assignment 2022-2023 INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY
BEGC-131 IGNOU Solved Assignment 2022-2023 INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY

BEGC-131 IGNOU Solved Assignment 2022-2023 INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY


1. Read the following passage and answer the questions in your own words.

1.Why was the ring of light from Mr. Jones’s lantern dancing from side to side?

Ans. Because he was going to sleep so that reason the ring of light from Mr. Jones’s lantern dancing from side to side.

2. Where had the animals agreed to meet?

Ans. They all agreed to meet in the barn.

3. Why had they assembled there?

Ans. Because old Major., the prize Middle White boar, had a strange dream on the previous night and wished to communicate it to the other animals. So that reason they assembled there.

4. What does old Major want to share with the animals?

Ans. Old Major wants to share information about the “nature of life” with the animals.

5. Pick out the three words Major uses to describe the lives of the animals. Why does he use these words?

Ans. There are three words spoken by major, “miserable, laborious and short”. He describe the life of animals with these three words. He tells, We are born, we are given just so much food as will keep the breath in our bodies, and hose of us who are capable of it are forced to work to the last atom of our strength; and the very instant that our usefulness has come to an end we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty.’

2. Make sentences of your own with the following words:


  1. “The sound of snoring filled the room, keeping everyone else awake.”
  2. “She was an avid snorer, a habit that caused her bed partner endless frustration.”
  3. “The doctor suggested he try a new sleep position to reduce his snoring.”
  4. “His snoring was so loud, it could be heard through the closed bedroom door.”
  5. “The new anti-snoring device proved to be effective and improved his sleep quality.”
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  1. “She felt a sense of excitement stirring inside her as she took on a new challenge.”
  2. “The smell of freshly brewed coffee stirred his senses, waking him up from his slumber.”
  3. “The crowd erupted in applause, stirring the performers to deliver an encore.”
  4. “The news of a breakthrough discovery in medicine stirred hope in the hearts of many.”
  5. “The wind was stirring, bringing a chill to the air and signaling a change in weather.”

3. Fluttering

  1. “The butterflies in her stomach were fluttering as she stepped onto the stage.”
  2. “The leaves of the trees fluttered in the gentle breeze.”
  3. “Her heart fluttered with nervousness as she waited for the results of the competition.”
  4. “The curtains fluttered in the open window, bringing in a warm breeze.”
  5. “The wings of the bird fluttered rapidly, propelling it through the air.”

4. Tame

  1. “The wild horse was eventually tamed by the experienced trainer.”
  2. “Her unruly curly hair was tamed with a good hair product.”
  3. “The lion’s roar was tamed by the circus trainer.”
  4. “The beastly dog was tamed with love and patience.”
  5. “The fire was tamed with water, preventing it from spreading further.”

5. Lurched– He smile and lurched against the rail.


1. Rewrite the following sentences as directed:

1. A dozen people ______ injured in yesterday’s accident.

Ans. were

2. __ you busy now?

Ans. are

3. I __ going to the cinema to-night.

Ans. am

4. There _ many people in India even now who cannot read and write.

Ans. are

5. I __ surprised to meet Raj yesterday evening.

Ans. was

6. I think this __ the most interesting of Chetan Bhagat’s novels.

Ans. is

7. __ you know how to make a pasta in white sauce?

Ans. do

8. I __ not think I can come with you.

Ans. do

9. ___ you father work at the bank?

Ans. does

10. __ he come to office by the metro train?

Ans. does

11. How _ we get there?

Ans. have

12. __ they got a school in their village?

Ans. have

13. Now you __ learnt the secret of happiness.

Ans. have

14. __ he arrived already?

Ans. has

15. I sometimes _ my breakfast at a restaurant.

Ans. have

2. Match Column A with words similar in meaning in Column B.

1. Preserved – looked after

2. Prohibited – forbidden

3. Destroyed – deteriorated

4. Pleasure – enjoy

5. Impoverished – depleted

6. Clean – pure

7. Employment – job

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8. Environment – neighbourhood

9. Diligent – studious

10. Active – lively


1. Write a speech of your own on Challenges and Opportunities in the National Education Policy (NEP) and its implementation.

Ans: Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, I stand here to talk about the National Education Policy (NEP) and the challenges and opportunities it presents to our education system. The NEP is a monumental step towards a more inclusive, equitable, and accessible education system in India. It aims to provide quality education to all, regardless of their socio-economic background, and to prepare future generations for a rapidly changing world.

However, implementing such a comprehensive policy is not without its challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of infrastructure and resources, especially in rural and remote areas. This includes the shortage of qualified teachers, insufficient funding, and inadequate facilities.

Another challenge is the resistance to change from various stakeholders. The NEP proposes significant changes to the current education system, and these changes may not be well-received by everyone. It is imperative that we engage with these stakeholders and address their concerns, while ensuring that the NEP’s objectives are met.

Despite these challenges, the NEP presents numerous opportunities for the education system. It encourages the integration of technology and innovation in teaching, making education more engaging and interactive for students. It also prioritizes holistic education and lays emphasis on values, ethics, and 21st-century skills.

Moreover, the NEP recognizes the importance of mother tongue-based education and provides opportunities for multilingual education, promoting linguistic and cultural diversity. This is a significant step towards preserving India’s rich cultural heritage and promoting national unity.

In conclusion, the NEP is a comprehensive policy that addresses the various challenges faced by the education system and presents opportunities for growth and improvement. Its successful implementation will require the collaboration and cooperation of all stakeholders, including the government, teachers, parents, and students. Let us work together to build a brighter future for our country through quality education for all.

Thank you.

2. You are resident of a locality in Delhi. Write a report on various steps taken by your residential locality to improve environment in your neighbourhood.

Ans: Report on Steps Taken by the Residential Locality to Improve the Environment in the Neighborhood:

  1. Plastic waste management: The residents have come together to reduce the use of single-use plastic and properly dispose of the plastic waste generated. The localities have started using cloth bags, biodegradable containers and other eco-friendly alternatives.
  2. Tree plantation drive: The local residents have initiated a tree plantation drive to increase the green cover and reduce air pollution in the area. Several saplings of various species have been planted in the parks and open spaces within the locality.
  3. Rainwater harvesting: Many of the residents have installed rainwater harvesting systems in their homes to conserve water and recharge the groundwater table. This has also reduced the dependence on municipal water supply.
  4. Clean Energy Promotion: Several households have installed solar panels for electricity generation, reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. Some have also switched to electric vehicles to reduce emissions from personal transportation.
  5. Awareness campaigns: The residents have conducted several awareness campaigns on environmental issues such as waste management, renewable energy, and sustainable living. These campaigns have helped in creating a greater sense of environmental responsibility among the people.
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Overall, the steps taken by the residential locality have helped in improving the environment in the neighborhood and have set an example for other communities to follow. The residents continue to work together to find more ways to live sustainably and protect the environment.

3. Your friend is visiting Delhi and has written to you to suggest a good place to stay for a week. Write a letter to her suggesting a good hotel for accommodation.

Ans: Dear [Friend’s Name],

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I am glad to hear that you are visiting Delhi and I can’t wait to see you. With regards to your accommodation, I have a few options that I would like to suggest.

First on my list is The Lemon Tree Premier. It is located in the heart of the city and has all the modern amenities you could ask for. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed, and the hotel also has a restaurant serving delicious food.

Another great option is The Grand New Delhi. This hotel is known for its colonial-style architecture and provides a blend of traditional and contemporary luxury. The rooms are well-furnished, and the hotel has a large swimming pool, a spa, and several dining options.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can consider The Ibis New Delhi Aerocity. It is conveniently located near the airport and offers comfortable rooms at an affordable price. The hotel has a restaurant, a bar, and a fitness center for your convenience.

All these hotels are located in safe and convenient areas and are accessible to the main tourist attractions of Delhi. I am confident that you will have a comfortable stay at any of these places.

I hope this helps, and I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist with.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

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You can download it from the, they have a big database for all the IGNOU solved assignments.

Is the BEGC 131 Solved Assignment Free?

Yes this is absolutely free to download the solved assignment from

What is the last submission date for BEGC 131 Assignment?

For June Examination: 31st April, For December Examination: 30th October

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