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IGNOU Assignment Front Page 2023 Download (English/Hindi)

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IGNOU Assignment Front Page Download English Hindi

For IGNOU students to submit their assignments, they must have the IGNOU Assignment Front Page. You may use our guide’s step-by-step directions and templates to make an IGNOU-compliant front page that is polished and well-organized. Make sure your home page is up to standard by using our tools to avoid letting formatting mistakes hurt your marks.

In India, millions of students receive their education through Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), which is an open university. Students must turn in assignments before examinations under the distinctive evaluation approach used by IGNOU. These tasks have a 30% weighting and are crucial for students to do successfully in their exams. The significance of the IGNOU assignment front page and successful design techniques will be covered in this blog.

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Components of an IGNOU assignment front page

The IGNOU assignment front page comprises various components that are mandatory to be filled in by students. The components are as follows:

Title of the Assignment: The title of the assignment must be relevant and precisely reflect the content of the assignment.

Course Code and Name: The course code and name must be written accurately to avoid confusion.

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Enrollment Number: The enrollment number is unique to every student and is essential to be mentioned on the front page.

Name of the Student: The student’s name must be written as per their registration details.

Study Centre Code and Name: The study center code and name must be mentioned to help the evaluator identify the location of the study center.

Date of Submission: The date of submission is crucial as it helps the evaluator know whether the assignment is submitted on time or not.

Instructions for IGNOU Assignment Submission

  1. Use A4 size paper for writing the assignments.
  2. Only one side of the paper should be used for writing the assignments.
  3. Leave a margin on both sides of the paper.
  4. The font type to be used is Times New Roman.
  5. The assignment must be written in the student’s own handwriting.
  6. Submit the assignment on or before the submission date.
  7. Late submission will not be accepted.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page in English

Download in English

IGNOU Assignment Front Page in Hindi

Download in Hindi


What is an IGNOU Assignment Front Page?

IGNOU Assignment Front Page is the title page that includes important information about the assignment, including the student’s name, enrollment number, course code, course name, assignment number, and due date.

Why is the IGNOU Assignment Front Page important?

How should I fill out the IGNOU Assignment Front Page?

You must complete the IGNOU Assignment Front Page accurately and according to the guidelines. When submit your work, make sure to include all the relevant information and double-check for any mistakes.

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