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Advantages and Disadvantages of CLAT Coaching 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of CLAT Coaching 

CLAT- The Common Law Admission Test is one of the most competitive and popular law entrance exams in India. Many students prepare for the exam to gain admission in UG and PG courses in top law schools in the country. The exam tests students on analytical and reasoning skills. Students need regular practice and guidance to ensure they cover all aspects of exam preparation. Some students believe opting for CLAT coaching can help prepare for exams and pursue UG or PG courses. But, some students believe self-study is more effective compared to exams and other aspects. 

There are a variety of coaching institutes available to start your preparation. These institutes offer a range of course facilities that allow students to prepare for the exam smoothly. But, it’s not as perfect as it seems, like any other coaching institute has its own disadvantages. Here are the details of negative and positive that you need to know. So, let’s find out more: 

Advantages of CLAT Coaching 

CLAT coaching offers a wide range of advantages to students in the preparation of exams. Here are some of the advantages: 

Structured Learning: One of the major reasons to opt for CLAT coaching is its structured learning. The coaching institute provides well-designed and structured courses offering a comprehensive training schedule. This allows students to comprehend and prepare in a structured learning atmosphere. Students can begin their preparation in a more organised and scheduled manner. So, they can ensure every element of the exam is covered in the course. There is a range of courses such as crash courses i.e short-term. Also, foundation courses i.e. long term provide more organised and structured learning. 

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Flexibility:The best part about taking CLAT coaching is flexibility. Students can opt for online courses, offline courses, weekend classes, or weekday classes, depending on their requirements. Many students begin their preparation while still in school, while others take a gap year after school to prepare for CLAT UG full-time. Therefore, coaching institutes offer various options to cater to different needs. Furthermore, since not all coaching institutes have physical centers in every city, it’s essential for students to compare CLAT coaching classes based on their specific requirements. Online classes are also an option, allowing students to prepare for the exam without the constraints of fixed schedules.

Disciplined approach: The major reason students must opt for coaching institutes to prepare for CLAT is discipline. To prepare for a competitive exam students need a consistent and disciplined approach to their preparation. So, these exams need proper guidance and a strict approach every day. No doubt students can self-study, but consistency and discipline often reduce due to more distractions. Coaching institutes create an environment where students can learn with more focus and discipline. Everyone is there to prepare for exams and train, they will learn through various courses by the faculty. 

Resources: Another one of the major advantages of opting for a coaching institute is the resources provided by them. The coaching institute usually has all the resources. Including study materials, practice tests, and mock tests that help students. These study materials are well-defined and prepared based on exam curriculum and research. Study material ensures students cover important aspects of exams and prepare for every section. Moreover, the practice test covers the difficulty level of the exam at different times. The mock test allows students to understand the exam atmosphere and exam pattern. Also, where they stand, and pinpoint their weaknesses to improve. For anyone who is planning to study on their own, resources can be a huge hindrance, but a coaching institute eliminates the problem.

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Disadvantages of CLAT coaching 

Like advantages, there are certain disadvantages that students might face if they opt for CLAT coaching. Such as:

Lack of personal attention: Often many institutes get students more than their capacity in one batch. Many institutes display or advertise the batches of limited students. But they provide coaching to more than 30 students. So faculty providing training to 30 students reduces the personal attention. Students who need a personal guide and customised solutions feel disconnected. Moreover, this might lead to a lack of effort by students. This creates hindrances and disadvantages for students who need personal guidance for the preparation of exams. 

Online coaching can be a hassle: Online coaching can be a benefit for students who live in faraway areas and cannot reach popular coaching institutes. This can be a hassle as well for some students who are uncomfortable and unable to understand things. Yet, some students need practical and in-person experience when they learn and practice for exams. In such cases, students opting for online coaching courses can reduce their ability and efforts in preparation. This might lead to low scores and can cost their admission. Moreover, online coaching also requires more self-discipline. 

Expensive: One of the major disadvantages of opting for coaching institutes is their expensive courses. Many coaching institutes provide endless facilities and a range of courses that students can opt for. But, these courses have a cost that students might not be able to handle. Many students do not have financial support to buy expensive courses. Besides, some students opt for such courses on EMI which sometimes creates a financial burden. 

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Lack of understanding: Most coaching institutes hire faculty with experience and qualifications. However, not all students can grasp their teaching methods. For some students, this can act as a hindrance when they are trying to understand a concept but the teaching methods are complex. Thus coaching institutes need to prepare for courses. Also, provide faculty with regular training and resources to ensure they provide students with concepts that they can understand.

Lack of regular analysis: Due to large batches some coaching institutes do not assess students. So by the time they reach the mock test, they are unable to identify their mistakes and improve themselves. This can be a problem who needs guidance at every step. Thus, students opting for coaching institutes must opt for centres that provide regular guidance and assessment.  

Final Thoughts 

These are some of the major pros and cons of opting for a CLAT coaching institute for preparation. Students have to include both pros and cons with their requirements to understand if they’re able to approach the institute. The final decision should be in comparison with their needs.

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